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How To Choose Clothes That Suit Your Skin Tone?

Despite the wide range of skin tones that exist, there are about three types of skin tones: warm, cool, and moderate. If you’re unsure about your skin’s undertone or how to tell unless you’re warm and dry, use the methods below to find out:

Check Your Veins

Start by examining your veins to identify your skin tone. Blue or green Veins indicate a cold skin tone, whereas green veins indicate a warm skin tone. When examining your veins, check to discover if you have green or blue veins. You probably have a moderate skin tone if you can’t predict when you have green or blue.

Utilize The Paper Exam

To make it easier to recognize the colors that stand out to you, press a white piece of paper on your skin. Your skin tone is thus affected by these hues. It would be best if you gave a white paper experiment yourself to determine your skin tone.

Consider How the Sun Affects Your Skin

You’re more prone to have a cool-toned complexion if you frequently get burnt, especially in the summer. People with warm skin, however, frequently tan as opposed to burning. Furthermore, if you don’t tan and just sometimes get burnt, you could have a calm color.

If you frequently get sunburns that heal fast and convert into tans, this is another sign that you have a neutral tone.

Fair With A Hint of Pink; Pale Skin Tone

If your skin is fair, light, or pale, and your skin tone has quite a faint pink to red tone:

  • Dress in warm khaki, pink, teal, red, brilliant blue, and green hues.
  • Avoid using black and white. Your skin can’t handle the extreme contrast, and it will just draw attention to the colorlessness.

Fair, Somewhat Yellow Skin Tone

If your complexion is light, fair, or faint, and your skin tone has a faint undertone of yellow:

  • Wear Pastels;

They suit you best. You look nice in neutral colors like heather grey and a softer beige. Consider soft yellow, lavender, light pink, and baby blue.

  • Avoid using:

Extremely vibrant or primary colors. Avoid wearing all-black or all-navy ensembles. A lot of deep, dark colors might also make you seem exhausted.

Tan or Olive Skin Tone, Medium

If you have a medium-toned, tanned, or olive complexion, like Adrian Grenier or Pacific-originated men:

  • Warm hues like deep brownish, orange-yellow, olive greenish, deep reds, and lavenders are appropriate to wear.
  • White and black, pinks, and any fading hue should be avoided. These don’t complement your color nicely.

Brown Skin Color

If your complexion is deeper or if you have darkish, brown skin:

  • Wear: You look fantastic in dark hues like navy, charcoal grey, and black. Rich, dark hues are also attractive. Consider royal purple, sapphire blue, and emerald green. Bright white and light hues also look fantastic.
  • The least attractive colors to use are earthy tones and faded-out hues.


There you have it, then. The mirror is your partner, so wear whatever hues you help look wonderful. Generally, colors like grey, brown, blue, green, and purple look best on skin with cool undertones. Bright or light colors work well with skin that has warm undertones. Additionally, skin with moderate overtones looks fantastic in vivid, dramatic hues.