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Tips for Throwing the Axe Properly

If you are ready to take the axe-throwing game to the next level, you are definitely in the right place. It is a rather handy guide with many different tips for throwing axes. At axe throwing San Antonio, the experts have created a section that can highlight all the tips related to throwing axes correctly.

Axe Throwing Tips

Pick the Right Axe

Feel free to try a different range of axes before picking the right one! Although heavier axes tend to sink deeper into their targets, practicing using a lighter model is also easier. It suits one-hand throwing as well. Test out different lengths in handles and shapes, and pick the one that can fit your hand and size appropriately. Axes also have flat edges that are thin and easier to grip and throw more consistently.

Get a Sharp Axe

Keep the axe blades sharp with a relatively thin edge so that the axe can stick into the wood. Special tools combined with oil and water can help you to sharpen the axe like a professional. Check the experts’ axe sharpening guide to know more!

Stay Relaxed

Keep your whole body as relaxed as possible before doing an axe throw. For more accurate and consistent throwing, the routine of throwing the axe should remain the same, so make sure you stay relaxed. It will make the throwing more consistent and also easier to repeat. Wearing clothes for comfort will create a better, smoother throw. It is worth reading the guide done by the experts.

Do Not Throw Too Hard

It is also tempting to throw the axe as hard as possible. Moreover, it is also a good stress relief. Moreover, light and medium throws need good precision and will stick too.

Another big problem with hard-throwing is that the axe will sink deep into the target. It means the axe side has a limited surface area for you to score.

Think About the Target Board

Pay close attention to how hard the target board is and adjust the proper technique based on the target board. Wooden materials and grain angle can also affect the target.

Soft boards also allow axes to stick easily, so try to aim and get the blade to strike when it is sitting in a parallel motion to the target board; for a more complex board, move back less and increase rotation so that the blade can strike on an angle.

Try Not To Let the Torso Twist

Single-hand throws can make the torso twist. It can create horizontal and vertical movements on the axe, making it hard to obtain consistent throws. You do not have to worry about these problems with a two-handed method.

Keeping the Axe Lined Up

When you pull back the axe behind the head and throw the whole thing forward, you can keep the blade adequately lined up to hit the target. You can also practice by standing 6 feet on a mirror and double-checking your posture.


Now that you know the tips and tricks of doing the best axe-throwing activities, it is time to start a hobby out of axe-throwing today!