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Everything about the Soft, Classic, Flamboyant Gamine and Dramatic Kibbe Body Type

There are 13 Kibbe body types depending on the proportions of one’s body flesh, bone structure, and facial features. The archetypes are mapped with the Yang/ Yin spectrum and the blend or contrast spectrum. They are well-arranged into five primary families or types: Natural, Romantic, Gamine, Dramatic, Classic, and eight subtypes that are variations of the primary types. This article will discuss the Soft, classic, Dramatic, and Flamboyant gamine Kibbe body type.

Soft Classic

The Soft Classic Kibbe body type is well-known for a blended balance between Yang and Yin, leaning towards Yin. It is the complete variation of a slight soft physicality with a gracious and refined essence. A slight deviation from these characteristics is possible, and you should not get tensed as long as it does not upset the blended yang/yin with yin undercurrent balance.

To complement your Yin, add accessories and soft detail to your clothes. They must be symmetrical and smooth and have round shapes with slight intricate edges, such as soft pleats, scooped necklines, or even folds.

A soft classic is foremost a Classic, so your clothing lines must be symmetrical, unbroken, and clean with waist emphasis. You will look like soft, symmetrical, smooth silhouettes with slight shaping. There must be flow lines that flare or are smooth. Horizontal, swirl or diagonal draping is best.

Men's Clothing

Flamboyant Gamine

The Flamboyant Gamine is among the 13 Kibbe body types and is well-defined by combining Yang and yin opposites with added Yang. It is a complete combination of a smallish, brassy essence and youthfully bold with broad angular physicality.

If there is any slight variation from any of the characteristics, you must not get tensed as it does not upset the combination of yang and yin opposites and any extra yang balance.

H‍eight:   It is under a short vertical line and 5.6 ft

Body Type: Defined musculature unless overweight. It is strong and lean with straight lines ( flat bust hips and line) unless overweight. It tends to have a leggy appeal.

Answers: It is a mixture of A/B and D/E answers with more A/B answers

If Overweight: In this Flamboyant gamine shape, the body becomes square and stocky. You will excess weight gathers from the waist down. Legs and arms tend to become thick, as do the hip and waist parts. The face might look fleshy and puffy.


In the dramatic kibbe body type, you will see sharp Yang, the association of sharp physicality, strong, a cool reserve, and charismatic power.

Height: Moderate to tall, 5.5 ft, and long vertical line

Answers: Mostly A under all sections

Body Type: Angular and straight, which might be sleek or long musculature (Lithe or sinewy). It has long arms and legs, which are narrow.

If overweight: The weight gathers around the upper thighs and hip instead of the upper torso.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed three types of 13 Kibbe body types that help you get a better idea about your body structure and facial styles.